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The Steering Committee meetings. Report of Working Groups


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The Chairman of DEH-Quantum Energy Mr. Athanasios Ktorides informed the Steering Committee that the Energy Ministers of Israel, Greece and Cyprus will meet in Cyprus in the next few months and will have a meeting for the the EuroAsia Interconnector project. Details about the EuroAsia Interconnector project will be discussed with the three Governments and the status of the project will be presented to them.

Mr. George Killas, Business Development Director of DEH-Quantum Energy, has informed members of the Steering Committee about the proposed cooperation with CESI in the EuroAsia Interconnector project. CESI agreed to get involved with the project, an encouraging development, because CESI is a very experienced company, and is involved with projects in the Mediterranean Sea. It is planned that CESI will appoint an advisor to each one of the working groups.

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