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Progress Meeting for Implementation of the EuroAsia Interconnector


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A successful progress meeting for the EuroAsia Interconnector was held on 5 and 6 May, 2015 in Haifa between representatives of ΔΕΗ QUANTUM ENERGY and the Israel Electric Corporation Ltd. (IEC). During the meeting, Mr. George Killas – Project Director of the EuroAsia Interconnector, presented the progress that has been achieved for the project and its important benefits/impacts to the involved countries and the European Union.

The EuroAsia Interconnector is a European Project of Common Interest (PCI) and consists of a 400 kV DC underwater electric cable interconnecting the Cypriot, Israeli and the Greek transmission networks. The Interconnector will have a capacity of 2000 MW and a total length of around 820 nautical miles/around 1518 km (approx. 329 km between CY and IL, 879 km between CY and Crete and 310 km between Crete and Athens) and allow for the bi-directional transmission of electricity between connected countries. The EuroAsia Interconnector is a strategic project that, among other benefits, will end the energy isolation of Israel, Cyprus and Crete, enhance the Security of Supply of the involved countries and enable developments for generation from renewable energy resources. In addition, the project will give Israel the opportunity to export electricity, due to its advantage and ability compared to other countries in the region.

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May 2015 - EuroAsia Interconnector in Israel

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May 2015 - EuroAsia Interconnector in Israel

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May 2015 - EuroAsia Interconnector in Israel

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Dr. David Elmakias, the IEC Senior Vice President of Planning, Development and Technology, who is the IEC’s EuroAsia Project manager, presented the IEC’s planning for the project and during a site visit the cable landfall area (Joint-Pit) in Hadera was examined. Furthermore, cooperation between ΔΕΗ QUANTUM ENERGY and IEC for the execution of the three Project-related studies was discussed.

The studies include the Technical/Technological Study, the Reconnaissance Survey and the Environmental Studies/EIA, which have all been approved for funding by the European Union. The EuroAsia Interconnector receives recognition from EU by approving its application for Grants for Studies, while at the same time the execution of the above studies will substantially contribute to the progress and maturity towards the implementation of the EuroAsia Interconnector.

The EuroAsia Interconnection between Israel and Cyprus is planned to begin operation at the end of 2019 and the final connection to Greece will be completed in 2022.

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