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Invitation to Tender – At the final stages the Tenders for Construction of the electricity interconnection linking Israel-Cyprus-Crete-Attica


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Nicosia/Brussels, 03 July 2019 -The EuroAsia Interconnector Limited is very happy and proud to announce that, as the official Project Developer of the European Project of Common Interest EuroAsia Interconnector (PCI 3.10), Israel-Cyprus-Crete-Attica, has sent the Invitations to Tender (ITT) to all selected Economic Operators inviting them to prepare and submit their final tenders.

The below tender procedures that were launched through the publication of Contract Notices to the TED database of the Official Journal of the European Union, follow the negotiated procedure and each contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender.

•“EuroAsia Interconnector VSC-HVDC Converter Stations”
Publication Number: 2018/S 074-165446
Estimated Value of Contract: One Billion and Twenty Million Euro (EUR

•“EuroAsia Interconnector HVDC Submarine Cables and Land Cables for Link 1:
Israel – Cyprus”

Publication Number: 2018/S 074-165453
Estimated Value of Contract: Four Hundred and Forty Million Euro (EUR 440.000.000)

•“EuroAsia Interconnector HVDC Submarine Cables and Land Cables for Link 2:

Publication Number: 2018/S 074-165450
Estimated Value of Contract: One Billion, Two Hundred and Seventy Million Euro (EUR

•“EuroAsia Interconnector HVDC Submarine Cables and Land Cables for Link 3:

Publication Number: 2018/S 074-165452
Estimated Value of Contract: Five Hundred and Fifty-Five Million Euro (EUR 535.000.000)

The ITT packages were prepared by the Project Developer and its consultants, Elia Grid International (EGI), a subsidiary of Elia Group, one of the leading groups of Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in Europe, which acts as Strategic Consultant to the Project Developer, Teshmont Consultants LP which specialises in HVDC power transmission systems and is leading all the other technical consultants of the Project Developer, and Clifford Chance LLP as the legal advisor.

The selected Economic Operators are invited to submit electronically their tenders via the Ariba platform, which will be evaluated based on the technical characteristics of the proposed solutions, the commercial and legal terms of the contract and the proposed way of managing matters relating to safety, health and environmental protection (HSE).

The EuroAsia Interconnector as a Project of Common Interest:

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Announcement Greek (pdf)

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