Public Power Corp DEH

Public Power Corp. S.A. (PPC/DEH)

The Public Power Corporation S.A. was estabslihed in 1950 and for the past six decades has been the primary energy producer and distributor in Greece with more than 7.5 mln customers. Its assets include the National Transmission System for electricity along 12,041 kms and the national power grid expanding over 222,200 kms. The company’s installed capacity is 12,800 MW, but plans to become the leader in renewable energy production in Greece with a production capacity of 1,000 MW by 2015. It employs 21,800 people, has assets worth € 15.8 bln (approx. US$ 21 bln) and an annual turnover of € 6 bln (approx. US$ 8 bln).

30 Chalkokondyli Str.,
104 32 Athens
Tel.:+30 210 523 4604
Fax: +30 210 524 1300
Email: [email protected]