The Steering Committee meetings. Report of Working Groups

July 30, 2012

During the meeting, the Steering Committee reviewed the progress of the studies undertaken by the working groups. Mr. George Killas, Business Development Director of DEH-Quantum Energy has indicated that following the preliminary studies, it has been decided that the landing point of the cable in Greece will be Athens, because the necessary infrastructure is already in place and an electricity network with possibilities to be connected to Italy already exists.

With regards to the technical implementation of the project, the IEC has already contacted several companies working in the fields of Cables and Converter Stations. It has been agreed that selected companies will be contacted in order to proceed to more detailed discussions. IEC also suggested that they will take part at the CIGRE Conference and will meet technical experts of related organizations. It is expected that the final RFI analysis will be completed until the end of August and a draft HVDC technology team report will be ready within September 2012.